I wore jeans to the beach my first time.



It’s been years since hubby and I had gone on vacation. This weekend, we had a little mini sized vacation. Okay, we were offered an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles to drive my Mother-in-law out from the Capitol to the City of Angels. It was only a two day trip, but it was “all expenses paid” and who can say no to that? So off we went on Sunday night…


After handling the business we came to do, we had a few hours left to do what we wanted before the 6 hour drive back to Sacramento. Where did we go? Huntington Beach of course!


I have been wanting to see Michael enjoy the beach for the first time since he’s a huge water fan. This picture is what his face looked like when he first saw the ocean. Priceless. I’m sure he was thinking, “Look at all of that water! All that water and I get to splash in it!”


He enjoyed every aspect of the beach. We vowed we would come back next year since Summer 2012 is practically over. Next year definitely.