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I have a confession to make:


These past two weeks, I have been having loads of fun. Seriously! All with family. However, I always forget to take pictures and or post. See, my grandparents (maternal) have flown in from out of the country and I am trying so hard to get in some quality time with them and have Michael love them as much as he can. He won't remember them at this age, but if I take a ton of pictures and tell him stories of when he met them, then only then will he be able to cherish the memories he made. Life can be beautiful and it can also be cruel. I thank God that he was able to give Michael the chance to meet his Great Grandparents, have pictures with them and have my them get to know my son. I only have one faint memory of my Great Grandmother (paternal) and all I remember is when we were all in the family car, she came up to the window and talked to my dad. I remember asking him who it was, he said, "That was my grandmother. Her name is 'Micaela.' Or like we like to call her, 'Miki' " Maybe that's why I fell in love with "Michael" who knows, but I want more than just faint memories for my son, I want pictures and stories. Something physical and emotional he can hold on to.


So forgive me for being MIA right now. I hope you guys can understand.