{What would you do?} How to react to a child bulling your child.

question-markI’ve backspaced, deleted, and even paused trying to figure out how to write this entry. I don’t know where to start or how to start this post, so I figured I’d tell you the story of what happened and let that tell you what I mean:


Earlier today we took my mom to visit her mother, my grandmother, at my aunt’s house. My grandmother was in town from Mexico visiting. While we were there, Michael, my son, was playing with his cousin’s toys while he was out. After a while, said cousin came home and was playing in his room with some toy trains. This little boy is 4 years old. Michael saw that his cousin was playing and wanted to join in for a bit. He wanted to play with his cousin. When my son approached his cousin, he was greeted with a “No!” and pushed him away while snatching a toy train from Michael’s hands. I picked up Michael and said, “Let’s be nice (kids name.)” and walked away.

After a half an hour, Michael was in the living room playing by himself when all of a sudden, said cousin run in and pushes Michael to the floor in front of all of the adults. Mind you, Michael is only 16 months old, a few months shy of being a year and a half. I once again picked up Michael before he cried (especially since the back of his head hit the floor) and said, “No ____.”

After the visit, my mother scolded me and said that I should have just picked Michael up and walked away from his cousin. Said I shouldn’t have told the cousin’s mother about what her son did. I told my mother that I wasn’t going to just stand by while my kid was being bullied. Not only did he bully my son, but he also tried to bully my brother’s 9 month old little boy.


Now that you guys know the story, what would you have done? Did I do wrong by letting the little boy’s mother know about what her son did to mine? Should I have listened to my own mother? Chime in.


What would you do?