Michael has 4 ducks…

Our Saturday was zooming away so quickly, especially since Michael and I had taken an early afternoon two hour nap. We wanted to do something before Steve had to leave for work, so we grabbed some bread that had started to show signs of “You better eat me now or I’ll grow some mold” before leaving. We decided that going to the local Zoo’s park would be best for Michael’s first duck feeding.


Michael’s eyes opened wide when we approached the feathered creatures. He instantly recognized them and began quacking. He has been in love with “Elmo’s got 4 ducks” since he was 8 months old, so he knew what ducks were. Michael even bent his arms in wing form and quacked while we tossed pieces of bread to the ducks and geese.


It was a short visit since it was 90*degrees out and we had to rush home for Steve to get dressed for work. I am so glad we made this quick trip. It really lit me up inside seeing Michael’s face of enjoyment when he saw the ducks and geese. Next time we’ll bring more bread.