Funderland was fun!

This past weekend was quite eventful. When we decided to go see and feed the ducks on Saturday, we thought it would be  fun to take Michael next door—to Funderland! So, those were our plans for Sunday. I think I was a wee bit more excited than Michael.  I’m a chatterbox. I’ve always been a talker by nature. It’s one quality that has always gotten me in trouble in grade school. Which is why I think that I probably talked my husband’s ear off with how excited I was about Michael going on his first train ride.


Funderland is an amusement park for the small kiddos. Even though it only has a small handful of rides, the kids quite enjoy it. Michael is only 33 1/2 inches tall, which meant he was only allowed to ride a few rides (the train ride, car ride, and carousel.) But this was okay, his eyes widened as we entered the park with things that went in circles. He wanted to see everything! He ran from one ride to the other trying to get all of the fun that the park had to offer. After he surveyed the park, off to the train ride we went. he '”choo-chooed” the entire time we waited in line (about 5 minutes.) He didn’t know what to make of it once we rode his favorite toy (he is enamored with trains right now and Thomas has taken over his love of Elmo.)






After we rode a few rides and played with rocks (okay, he did, I didn’t) we thought we would take a stroll through the park. Then Michael discovered the pony rides. He ran to them and barked. Yes, he barked. Kept calling him “doggies” and panted as he pointed at them. Obviously we kept trying to correct him with, “No honey. That’s a horse. Horses say ‘neigh! pffft!’” He didn’t care, to him, they looked like giant doggies.


The “doggies” were starting to retreat for the day. Their owners began walking them over to the trailer and asked Michael if he would like to ride Caramel over to the trailer. Michael answered with “bow-wow!” Which meant yes. He loved, and I mean LOVED the pony ride. Caramel was a wonderful pony. Michael seemed like a natural. He must get that from his momma.



Cowboy Michael from Analilia on Vimeo.