Random Thursdays: First Celebrity Crushes. <3


This one looks like so much fun guys!! I had to do this one. Ever since I could remember, my teenage years consisted of celebrity crushes. heck! Even know I swoon over a few heartthrobs out there, and yes the hubs laughs at me when I gush over them publicly. Ha ha! So I decided to join the link up (and I really want to see/read what yours are/were too!) with Lin, Em, and Sarah.


So let’s gush, shall we?!



Enrique Iglesias: He was the first. Well, not technically because I did swoon over others, but he’s what started that “fan obsession” people talk about. I had a whole wall in my room dedicated to him. Posters, magazine snippets, swooning over his songs on the radio, and I even "watched” a novela (even though I hated novelas back then) just to hear and see him sing the intro. Seriously dude, it was THAT BAD!

I even got kind of excited when he started to date “Ana Kournikova” just to hear him say, “Ana.” He was my first concert ever you know.


John Stamos: When I was little, I longed to be one of the girls on that show. Then I realized that then it would mean that I would be his niece. No way Jose! That was “ewe central!” I still swoon over the show and when they he sings. :: Sigh::

 Mark Paul Gosslar:  I loved Saved By The Bell. It was my go to show every day after school and on weekends. He was the ultimate California Dude for this California Dudette (I’m dating my self with the slang, aren’t I?) I so wanted to be Kelly Kapowski so I could kiss him. While everyone else talked about Slater’s muscles, Preppy’s blue eyes and grin were what made my heart pitter-patter. He still looks yummy today.









 Antonio Sabato Jr. : I didn’t know much about him. I really don’t. Just that he was and still is a sexy beast. Rawr!















 Luke Perry: 90210’s Bad Boy. The one who had the guitar play when ever Dylan was mentioned. Yes, we all dreamed about being Kelly (I was a Brenda Fan and still am, but face it, Kelly was the one who there throughout the WHOLE Show.) He was Mr. Suave and I just wanted to be his Mrs. Oh Mr. Perry, I still watch the re-runs of the show, just for you. Yes, only for you.