A new series called “Life-isms”


  • Michael woke up at 5:30 this morning. The sun was still sleeping, why isn’t he? This meant I too had to drag my lazy butt and start my day. All morning I kept announcing that I would nap when he did. Why am I online instead?

  • I love my brothers. Seriously. Yesterday Luis and I “fought” like kids over his new phone. I held up in the air and said, “Reach it if you can!” Knowing very well that he is about a foot taller than I am. He then snatched the phone away from me and taking mine in the process—this ensued my running all over the living room trying to get my phone.

  • I’m moving. Well, technically I’m not moving, but I am moving. See, my parents are buying a house and leaving me my “teenage home.” When this started, my husband and I moved in with my parents (yes, Michael came too) while they found a new place. This one is all paid off and they want the new place to be used as a rental (bank terms means that they must live there for at least a year before they can rent out the new place…so we each get a new place.) Now it’s almost time to take everything out of storage and into my childhood home. New beginnings.

  • I miss work. Not really, I just miss the environment of talking to grown ups. Luckily I get that here with my family on their days off, but those will be gone too, soon.

  • I sent my husband off to work with some coffee. Unfortunately, I didn’t screw on his coffee mug lid tight. His dress shirt had it coming though. (I don’t like it.)

  • Did you know that my birthday is in less than two weeks?! Yep. I’m looking forward to it, then I remember how many candles there will be on the cake, and I keep telling everyone I will be turning 29 forever.

  • My husband wants another kid. I’m on the fence. I would love a new baby but I just started sleeping all night long. I missed it. Don’t know if I am ready to give that up yet.  Decisions. Decisions.

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