Our Choo Choo Day.

My little boy loves trains. Nothing else goes through his head but “choo-choos” and how he can make a gazillion of them (he lines up items in a straight row and says, “Choo-choo” to each one.) Since Saturday was about running errands and having grown up time with friends (that’s another post), Sunday would mean Choo Choo Day for my mini family. We packed the stroller, his mini back-pack, and our bags—off to the Sacramento Railroad Museum we went. Thank goodness we took the stroller (my best friend with moments like this) because when we arrived, Michael was knocked out! We placed him in the stroller and went inside anyways—soon he would wake up, right?

These trains were carved out of wood.

The first Transcontinental locomotive.

Second Floor: Toy trains. This area also had “hands on” section.

Second Floor: Children’s play area.

This is outside of the Sacramento Railroad Museum. It’s Old Sacramento. Quite beautiful.

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