Just chillin’ at the Holiday Inn + Double Rainbows!

This past weekend we drove hours in the rain to see some of our dear friends get married. During our travel we witnessed a double rainbow. Yes indeed, rain and double rainbows meant good luck for these two who were soon to be hitched. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it on time (getting off work and driving about 3 hours in the rain meant getting the ending of the ceremony.) But we made it, late, but we made it.



Food was great, our table was great. Overall a good night. I think I was a bit more glad that Michael was able to enjoy himself. Being strapped in his car seat for three straight hours, and then hankered down on our laps for another hour does not seem like one of his new favorite past times. Who can blame him. Luckily once the dancing started, he did too. Whew! He chased all of the little girls there. He even danced with his momma.



How adorable are we? We are all matchy matchy. Which is what I was aiming for.


This isn’t much of a past I know. I owe you guys a real good one. It’s coming, I promise. I just wanted to post so everyone knows I’m still around. Especially since lately I have been more of a commenter instead of a poster. Which is good, right? Everyone loves comments. :)


Here’s a picture from Facebook from the ceremony we missed. Ha!



and one from post wedding. You know, “Just chillin’ at the Holiday Inn…”