My marriage and Wizpert.


I love journaling. It’s always been a part of me since I was a kid. I was one of those kids who had a diary and started each and every entry with “Dear Diary.” After starting high school and then college, my journaling went from paper to “blogging.” Although the blogging was done privately (after figuring out that you can do that with certain websites like LiveJournal), I decided after 10 years to venture into public blogging. That’s where this blog comes n. Luckily, this hobby of mine also crept into my marriage.

My husband and I started this tradition when we were dating and it continued until a few years ago. Since the first year of our relationship we have kept a journal where we talk about everything. Sometimes we find it easier to open up via pen and paper when we are too shy (after so many years) to do so. This has helped keep our lines of communication open. Plus I love looking back through our old books (we are on book 5 since it’s been like 5 years since our last one!) and see how our relationship has grown. So much, I tell ya’! So much!

Which also leads me to tell you about Wizpert. What is Wizpert?

You can think of Wizpert as an IT help desk for life. The company recruits knowledgeable bloggers, which it calls “Wizperts,” across topics like exercise, health/wellness, and parenting. Advice seekers can connect to Wizperts via their blogs or the service’s website, and most importantly, they can begin a conservation within seconds.
Michael Weinberg, Ceo of Wizpert, contacted me earlier this week and asked if I wanted to join their network of online experts. Flattered I was and so I did join. Now if you want to talk, “face to face”, you can. Just email me and we can set up a time for when to do so via Skype, just click on the widget on the side bar. I figure we can give it a try since sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone you “don’t know” rather than those in your life. I’m a good listener, I promise.