I’ve been M.I.A. lately. Yes, but it’s all because of the holiday season and yet I  haven’t even started shopping! I am serious! I blame some of the holiday parties and gatherings, like our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party that wasn’t. Ha! Everyone, even us, forgot to get an ugly sweater. Oh well! At least we enjoyed the fight (did you see it on Saturday?!)


But today, it’s not too busy. I actually have somewhat of some down time (finally!) and decided to take the time during Michael’s nap to just stop by and say Hello.



Enjoying some morning cuddles before starting our day.



I always clean up his room first. This way I can sweep and mop. But after I finish and I check on him, this is what his room looks like. This is what Independent Play gives me. He loves his room!



…and lately, he’s been sleeping like a big boy. You should have seen me during the moment my husband took off the crib rail. I wasn’t ready. I thought he wasn’t ready. But Michael has proved me wrong.


This is just a snippet of what’s been going on. How are you today?