The Facts of Me.

I decided to link up with Whitney today from I Wear Yoga Pants. The link up is about posting fun facts about you. So sure, why not?

  • I have brown eyes. Well, they have a hint of red to it. More like an amber color. I like it since everyone I know or is in my family has those dark chocolate eyes.
  • I’m a nail biter. Well recovering. As a kid, I grew up biting my digits. Nasty habit, I know. But now that I am a mommy, I used my will power and have grown them out. Now I am dabbling in nail polishes. It’s so much fun!
  • When I find a show on tv, I fall in deep. I start to have love-hate relationships with the characters and even get sad over a show’s end.
  • I wear socks to bed. Yes. Socks to bed. My feet are always cold. Therefore causing my entire body to be cold. I end up with back aches during winter because of how shaky I am due to it’s freezing weather. There went my dream (or my husband’s) of ever wearing silky night gowns to bed. And this is on top of the two + blankets we have on as well.
  • I have two birthdays. Ever mention that? I have my real birthday and the one that is on my birth certificate. Yes, I do demand gifts to both. No I don’t age twice as much.
  • I love the 90’s. I seriously miss it oh so much! I even am addicted to the shows from my younger years. Rosanne is on my tv 24/7 and I swear there are a few episodes that I haven’t seen. I must watch it from beginning to end in order for me to stop watching said show. Right now, I’m watching A Different World. Ha!
  • I always tell everyone that I am a tomboy. I grew up with three boys and had no sisters. Truth is, I am as girly as they come. Make-up and all….plus the occasional kickball game or dodge-ball.
  • I hold grudges. It’s not fun. But it takes a lot for me to hold a grudge.
  • I hate my hair. Everyone always compliments it and is telling me how “perfect” it is. That’s because I spend a long time blow drying and taming that frizzy mane. It’s terrible. One of these days I will have to post a picture of what it looks like sans heat.