Lily’s Lifeisms…


It’s been a while since I last touched this series. I actually missed them.

- I’ve been watching Who’s The Boss like some soap opera junkie. It’s on Season 8. Now that I start working in a few days, I’m going to miss the season I actually missed when it first came out. Talk about De Ja Vu!

- I just “discovered” the wonder that is Amazon. I know I am late in the game, but I have been shopping like crazy. Ha! I’m not buying twenty dollars of something, rather I am just buying things I may like/want for a few pennies (new cover and screen protector for my phone for only 4 dollars? Yes Please!)

- When someone tells me a secret, be warned—my best friend and husband don’t count. Ever!

- Michael turns two in less than two months. I am going in panic mode trying to get everything prepped and planned for his birthday. I hope I don’t go in total melt down again. Eep!

- Our kitchen blew a fuse. We had to re arrange the fridge and dinning table so we could plug it in. Luckily we have a gas stove and until it’s fixed, we have to “ghetto it out” and light up the burners individually. I really wanted to bake a cake (wha?!)

- Stevan and I have been having date nights at home. This is particular fun when Michael is in bed. We turn off all of the lights, grab a glass of wine (me) and beer (him or he may have wine too), we’ll pig out on popcorn or chips, all while watching a Disney Movie. My kind of night!

- I’m a “take a shower in the morning” kind of gal. I’ve tried a few times to shower at night so I can lessen the heat damage to my hair, but I always end up showering anyways to wake up. I’ve done the whole shower cap thing but I just don’t feel clean enough when I do.

Well there you have it folks. My lifeisms. Do you have any?