Midnight runs to the ER

Every where on the news we have heard that this Winter's Flu is a strong one. Advisories are every where for wee ones, pregnant women, and the elderly to get the flu shot. Unfortunately, the flu shot isn't quite helpful with all the different strains of flu that are floating around. This is all so true for us.

Last night at about 10pm we ended up taking Michael to the emergency room. He had been sick for only a few days and ever since Tuesday, his fever would not let up. It came back each and every time clinging on to my little boy. 102.8 read our thermometer. We decided to call the advice nurse and she, like most, advised us to check the following:

-Fever higher than 101? Check!
-Flushed cheeks? Check!
-Not taking any liquids? Check!
-Dry diapers? Check!

So in we went. Poor little guy was not having it. It broke our hearts to see him getting poked and prodded. The staff at UC Davis Medical Center were really great. They attended to him as if he were the only one there. They brought him juice in his own sippy cup, toys for him to keep and play. They even put in some dvds (Berenstein Bears!) for him to perk up a bit. Although he wasn't having it, it was nice to feel the support. After four hours of being at the hospital we were sent home. They wanted to make sure that he had taken in all of the IV fluid. Which he did, slowly but surely he did. Time to sleep!

Once at home, and after tucking Michael in, we get a phone call from the UC Davis staff. His white blood cells were abnormally high and he needed to come in ASAP. We told him that we just tucked him in but that if it was urgent we would. They said to let him sleep if he was already in bed since he needs that sleep but to come in at 9am. Surely at nine in the morning, we were there. Just as quickly as the morning sun rose, we were whisked inside. They took his vitals once more and set him up. Again the hospitality was rather welcoming. After giving us the details of his lab tests, we waited for the antibiotics to help his blood cells fight the infection he had inside.

Now we are home and will start the routine of Motrin and Tylenol until Monday's follow up appointment. My Michael. My dear sweet little boy, I hope you start to feel better and start to be your Michael self again. I don't regret taking you in to the ER despite the many hours of sleep lost. It's all "por tu bien." (All for your own good.)