Boo to you Stomach Flu

I am finally able to get to the computer. This past weekend has been quite busy. Really busy. It all started Friday as we were going to have dinner after work with some friends from out of town. Then Saturday was a baby shower and the after party (which just ended up happening without warning) at my place. Sunday was brunch and basketball fun times. Monday came..



Oh Monday. Monday was the doozy to end our fun filled weekend. I cam down with what seems to be the stomach flu. As soon as the clock turned to Monday, the “fun” commenced. This is where everything becomes TMI, but how is a post a post without details? Am I right? Well, as soon as the clock struck 1am, bathroom trips upon bathroom trips began. I attributed to my not eating healthy all weekend. I hadn’t had a home cooked meal since Thursday night and then of course the weekend was the same. Morning finally came and weakness and delirium began to kick in. Oh, how I was not having fun.


I braved a bathroom trip by myself which ended up being full of fail. I collapsed to the floor as I called out for my husband, “Babe!” Boom! There I went. My husband tried picking me up. I told him I couldn’t. When I finally mustered up enough strength to get on my knees, all I could say was, “BYE.” That was the delirium talking because I blacked out for a second and then wham! I opened those nasty flood gates. As I lay there puking (I warned you,) Michael walks by and stares. He then says, “Ewe!” while running away. My son, the comedian.


Hubby had to go to work and so we both agreed that going to my parents was the best thing to do. After all, I couldn’t watch over my rambunctious toddler if I was bed ridden, now could I?