Weekend recap + Life-isms

Thank goodness for train rides at local shopping plazas. They are what seem to keep Michael entertained while waiting for the rest of your family to show up for a birthday dinner. We all decided to eat at Dave and Busters. If you don’t know what Dave and Busters is, it’s basically a Chuck E Cheese for the entire family. However, the nearest one to us is about a half an hour away, but fortunately for us, we were about 7 minutes away. This meant we had to wait until every one got ready and drove out to where we were…which is why I was thankful for the train rides.




That was on Sunday, but on Saturday we had a teeny tiny mini sized party of 4 and a half. It was us three plus two more to watch the Bernard Hopkins fights. Wha?! Yes, my husband is a GIANT boxing fan and gradually I too am becoming one. So we had some company to see B-Hop win the fight and be the oldest boxer to win a major title. During one of the rounds, I discovered that my phone had been taken over by Michael. This is what I found—all 50 of them, identical. Plus many videos, of him squealing for 10 seconds. Ha ha! He sure does love the camera.






I have never been so happy to buy an appliance! We bought a washing machine this weekend because ours broke (the last rinse cycle didn’t completely drain all the water, so we had to wring it by hand.) I’m somewhat over it now.


Jambi needs a hair cut—bad! I keep looking at him and keep thinking, “Tomorrow I will do it! For sure!” Tomorrow never comes.


Does anyone ever say “For Sure” anymore? Nope? Okay, it’s just me then.


Whenever I order something online and don’t quite like it, instead of returning it, I force myself to use it and see if that changes my mind. Yep, this is how hoarding begins.

I have about 10 books in my kindle app that I intend to read. Someday. Yes, someday.

I went to In&Out last week and for the first time ever I ordered my cheeseburger non animal style. I can’t remember when I just had their original cheeseburger. You know what? It was the best cheeseburger ever!

I bumped my knee on the coffee table earlier. I caught myself whispering, “Sana! Sana! Colita de rana.” (Spanish for, “heal! Heal! Little frogs tale.”) Wanna know something? It actually felt better.