{Life-isms} Last week of March

Here’s another round of life-isms…




-I woke up yesterday with my nose running like the faucet. I thought it was allergies and ended up taking allergy medication only to find out that it did nothing for me. I have been struck with the cold.


- I need a hair cut. It’s been since October since I last got one. I just need a trim. Problem is, I have no one to watch Michael while I go do this.


- Speaking of haircuts.. I spilled my coke all over the couch, my phone, and my laptop. It also landed on my lap and hair. I’m debating on whether to take a shower to get the ickiness off, but then again, I’ll have to take one after I get my haircut. That would make three showers today.


- I saw on Pinterest that if you have a heart of romaine stub, you can place it in water and watch it grow. I’ve had one in there for two weeks now. It’s getting pretty tall.


- I’ve got exactly one week until Michael’s birthday party. I have only purchased table linens, candles, and cake plates. I still need food, drinks, food plates, the cake, etc. Why am I lagging? The weather calls for rain and we have planned for our party to be at the park. I’m going to have to do everything last minute to see if it will rain or I’m going to have to use Plan B. Have it at home. Boo!


romaine2 Vs. romaine1

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