Not quite.


I am scared. I am anxious. I am nervous. I just want to get to the next step. I am going to be a little open here about my emotions. This is all in regards to waiting for a response for Michael’s Early Intervention appointment. I have already contacted our local program and have a received a letter stating that I have been given a therapist. So why am I anxious and such? That letter was sent over a month ago and the letter stated that I should receive another letter with information regarding an appointment—two weeks after the first letter.



I took action today and I called the therapist directly yesterday, but didn’t catch her at work. So, I called today and left a message early this morning. I haven’t been called back. I’ve already talked to his doctor, but Michael’s update appointment is in May. Seems too far for me. I really want to get this ball rolling and it’s so hard to do so when you are stuck in limbo.




I look at Michael and just observe his actions. I jot down little notes every day about his interactions with us. Does he listen? Not quite. Does he repeat words? Not quite. Is he learning new words? Not quite. Everything is not quite.  He has even regressed with eating. He was doing such an awesome job with self feeding with utensils but now all he wants to use are his hands. He throws tantrums when he gets frustrated. He grunts instead of telling me what he needs. He needs help. We need help.