{Friday Five} Pet Peeves

Note: This was supposed to be posted during the wee hours of Friday morning, but somehow it didn’t. This is just a belated Friday post but on Saturday morning.
TGIF! Everyone loves Fridays, unless Friday is your Monday. Sorry dude! But yes, it's Friday and I thought we might do something fun--a Friday Five. A random list of five items of whatever Friday's list is. Today I thought why not talk about Pet Peeves. We all have those pesky little things that just annoy the crap out of us. Bleh!
Pet Peeve number 1
Ever go to Wal-mart or Target and you are circling the parking lot looking for a spot? Then you when you think that the planets have aligned and think, "Finally, a parking spot!" when in fact it's just a tiny car in between to giant trucks.


Pet Peeve 2
Before the iphone and the smart phones, we used to have TXT indicators that just had a little envelope to let one know that they have received a reply or message. Remember how we used to get charged 10 cents per message before the "unlimited" whatever plans? It annoyed me when I tried to reply as much as I possibly could within a txt but would get a one word, or worse, a one letter answer? "K" was the worst for me since at that time, that one letter was worth 10 cents.


Pet Peeve 3
People who don't use turn signals. It's so annoying! Especially when you are on the freeway and they just "jump in" right in front of you. It's not that hard to do people!!

Pet Peeve 4
I'm going to stem this one from the driving pet peeve. Ever get to the corner of the street when driving and there's a pedestrian who wants to cross? You want to be nice, so you let them go ahead but then realize they are the slow walkers. I want to see "Knees to chest people! Knees to chest!"

Pet Peeve 5
The hard plastic surrounding around a curling iron/flat iron. I cannot for the life of me take those off! Even when I use scissors to cut around them. Or how about the plastic wrapper on the dvds and that sticker on top?!