• I have been without a husband for the past two nights. Tonight marks night number three. No, he’s not off being some sort of hooligan, but he is doing security (we own our own security unit) for a festivity for Cambodian New Year.  Luckily tonight is the last night and I get to have him back.


  • Today I thought I had died. While I went to an appointment at the mall, my husband was with Michael at the wee one’s playground. When I came back, I could see the frantic look on my husband’s face as I asked, “Where’s Michael?!” It’s when he didn’t answer that my heart stopped and all I could do was survey the area. It was like those movies where everyone and everything is going in slow motion. Michael was standing next to the gumball machines. 


  • Speaking of the terrible no good day, my iphone decided to spasm on me. For some unknown reason, the external speaker went out. I had to make an appointment (the one mentioned above) to get the speaker switched out. My day was going to the $#!%$


  • I became responsible today and was very proud for it too! We had to go to the local Outlet Mall to switch out some dress shirts for my husband and while there we gave a looksie at the Coach outlet. It took everything I had inside me to not purchase anything. Instead of grabbing the bag that I had been longing for, I decided to not go bankrupt and forego purchasing it. Instead, I will set the money aside little by little and purchase it then. Yes, that bag will be mine in a short few months.


  • Last week we had Michael’s speech evaluation. He needs it. Tomorrow he has an appointment with his primary doctor regarding said session. Hopefully he can send that referral soon so we can get started on these sessions. I am so eager to start!