My weekend with the Giraffes.

We've had a crazy couple of weeks around here, and it's not the last of it. I have a few work projects that will take over my life for the next couple of weeks, but it's okay--they are fun! Since crazy is the word around here and we had a break from it this past weekend, we decided to take Michael to the zoo.

But first, this is how my Sunday started:

Michael crawled into our bed during the wee hours of the night and when I awoke, this was my view.

He like to sleep in the "other" direction.

 We tried to interest him in the flamingos, but this giant snake slide seemed much more enticing.

The giraffes! 
Backstory: I have an affinity with Giraffes ever since I was in second grade. Our teacher each assigned us an animal to do a report on and I hated that I was given the Giraffe because you know, I wanted something cool like a Dolphin. Anyhoo, after learning about the Giraffes, I fell in love.  Fastforward--Michael did too.
During our trip at the Zoo, we learned about the upcoming Giraffe feeding at 2pm. You know we were there! So in line we waited.

Waiting to feed the Giraffes. Say "cheese!"

Our turn to feed the Giraffes. We each received two pieces of romaine lettuce to give them. Their tongues are long!

Hello my beautiful friend!

Michael's turn to feed his new favorite animal. He was scared at first and threw the first piece of lettuce. When we gave them the second piece--well you can see his face. Loved it!
...and that was our Sunday. It was hot! So we came home and just lounged until it was time for dinner at my in-laws.

But not before leaving you with this:
Michael woke up throwing up phlegm and so it was a snuggles and tv watching kind of day.
I think he's playing me for a fool. Does he look sick to you?

Giraffe Fun Facts:

Their heart is 2 feet long and weighs about 25 pounds

Ancient Romans and Greeks thought that the Giraffe was a mix between a camel and a leopard. This is where their scientific Genus name of "camelopardalis" comes from.

Mom Giraffes form a type of daycare for their young. One of the females in the heard will stay behind and baby sits all of the youngsters while the rest of the females go out foraging for food.