{BEDM} My first job.

I was oblivious during my Senior year in high school. I was also the first to graduate, so I had no idea I had to register for college classes early. This mean that I missed my Fall semester classes, so what was I to do with my newly found free time? Get a job. Get my FIRST job. I only applied at one job, I only did one interview, and got the job. Eco Thrift. My first job was working at the infamous (I did not know it at the time. See, oblivious)thirft store. This thift store is so popular right now, it's crazy crowded all of the time. It was fun times there. Different people, mostly young, working on the sales floor. What was even more awesome? It was only a 15 minute walk. Score! Well, except since it was Summer time, it wasn't quite the big score...but I saved on gas. So yes/yes?! 

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