{BEDM} Puppies!

I love dogs. I mean I really love dogs, that it makes sense that I work at a grooming shop (front desk.) I love seeing all the dogs come in. In fact, I was setting up a display when this giant Labradoodle came rushing in and jumped on me--he hugged me guys! There have been many dogs that have come in and just won me over, but none like my dogs.

I've introduced Jambi around here a few times. He's my baby. In other words, he's MY dog where as my other loves were family dogs. Make sense? Jambi is aJack Russel and Yorkie mix. We've had him since he was 6 months old and now he's 57years old (8 years old in our time.) In fact, he just celebrated his 8th birthday with Michael. We don't know the exact date of when in April, but April is definitely his birth month. 

 Here he is in his Security Guard uniform.
He was 1 year old here.

 Look at that face! 

 Right now, he's semi-blue and do for a hair cut!  

 See? Hair cut time!