{BEDM} Five Fave Blogs

Time to share the love!

The mission today is to write about my five favorite blogs. Easy, right? Not so quite since it's hard to just pick 5!

This girl is fun. She also vlogs on her youtube channel as well as do make-up tutorials. She vlogs every day about smoothie recipes, family life, or just a make-up tutorial. 

Meet Elizabeth. I've been following her blog for some time. It all stared with her weekly link-up, "Midweek Confessions." Her confessions are always hilarious and I totally can relate.

Whitney is an old time friend of mine. We go way back before blogging was even cool. Yep, the time when it was all about Livejournal. I love reading her "What the What Wednesday's" and catch up on all of the celeb gossip.

This is a blog about soon to be newly weds and the family they have started (with two cats.) So much fun to read.

This one is a way popular blog. Kandee Johnson is such an inspiration. She is so full of love and life. If you need an uplifting moment, read her blog. You will love it!