{BEDM} A day in the life...

I slept in a little. Shower time (lovin' the Ivory 2in1 Hair and Body wash.) My new faves for dark circles!

Alarm goes off {{{buzz}}} time to get up, shower and go to work.

Coffee time/breakfast or whatever. This portion of my morning is dedicated to getting Michael and the hubs out the door by 8:30 (that's if Steve starts the morning shift.) If a nine in the morning shift is not included in my day.... Sleep in? Perhaps for 30 more minutes.

I should be dropping off Steve at his job and on my way to my mom's to drop off Michael for the day. If time allows it, I can hang out for twenty minutes before I head over to work. If not, then I just drop him off, say Hola and head on over.


I'm at my desk. "Good mornings" are greeted and I'm checking in clients for their doggies or kitties appointments. Mind you, they too have to look good for the warmer weather :) I check them in, set them up in the back for their appointment and confirm information with the furbabies owners.

Time to return all of the calls from yesterday (after I clock out, messages start to pile up.) So now is the time to return all of them from yesterday and any I missed this morning. Luckily lunch is around the corner.

Clients! Appointments! Registration! Phone calls! Questions!  

Lunch time!I had to go to my mom's house and drop off some milk and orange juice for the little ones. Much needed. Plus I was able to enjoy my lunch with my handsome.

On my way back from lunch, I had a hankering to listen to Selena. It's been ages since I have listened to her music. After getting back, I had some time to browse the internet. I ran into some old pictures on my facebook. Here we are full of hair. Now, my hair is up to my shoulders and hubster has a bald head. Ha!

After "doing work" it's time to actually finish up and make calls. I have an hour left so I have to finish all of my work. It is the end of my work week after all.

Time to go home. Run an errand or two. Pick up Michael! I miss my little crazy boy.

5:00pm & 6:00pm
Now that we are home, it's time to clean up the house and do laundry. How fun, right?

Time to pick up Steve and head back home for dinner. 

Clean up whatever dishes were left over from dinner. How fun. Clean clean clean.

Michael's bedtime ritual begins-- Bath, milk, and cuddles.

I like watching the news. It helps with allergies. Since I live in California, allergies are unpredictable. Winds can wreak havok to my eyes, nose, and throat. Now time for bed by 10:45pm