The day my husband played barber.

Last weekend was a whirlwind. We had Mother's Day fiestas and a birth. We also had a birthday party that we were going to go to but there were last minute changes to our schedule. During the midst of our plans I had to squeeze in a hair cut for Michael. He was long over due. Hubby decided that he knew what he was doing and that he would do it. I sensed a bad idea. He has brought up the subject before, and each and every time I declined his offer to play Barber to Michael. Somehow this weekend he won. He sat Michael down in his Sesame Street Booster chair and played a video--you know, like they do at the kiddie salon to get the kid's mind off of the buzzer.

This is what the result of said hair cut:

This was the result of my son tossing and thrashing around not liking the idea of a hair cut. My husband gave up as to not cause further damage--and he had to go to work. Obviously I wasn't going to let it stay that way. Off to drop my husband off at work and then to the kiddie salon.

Obviously it was the little red fire engine and bell
that was missing from my husband's plan.

and the end result?

Much, much, Mucho Better! Don't you think?
Moral of the story:
Don't ever let your spouse try to play Barber if the only head he has ever shaved is his.