Hearing tests + Tantrums + and Guest Posts.

Yesterday was Michael's hearing test. I was a nervous wreck the entire weekend. I kept thinking about all of the "What if's" and kept thinking the worse. Then I kept hoping that there was some sort of remedy to whatever outcome Michael would have. Normally this would ensue my ugly habit of nail biting. I am not a proud owner of this tic. It has taken me forever to get out of the nail biting stage and when Michael's hearing test started to get closer, I was sure that the tic would return. I am relieved that both of those had proven me wrong. Michael's hearing test (and this is not regarding his behavior) was excellent. No problems! And no, no nail biting! Whew! However, Michael hated having anything put in his ears. He thrashed and kicked when his ears were being checked. Even toys or his sippy couldn't calm him down. Not fun at all. I could feel the burning of everyone's eyes. It was so embarrassing! I've never had a moment like that before, but I am glad it's over with--just like the test. 

Now, onto some fun stuff. I am being featured on Sonya's Blog: ::A Gray Rainbow:: I just love her blog. Head on over, you will love it!