Gayle and her boobs

Angelina Jolie is all over the media these days. Her face is now attached to breast cancer, but in a more positive light. Many have heard that she decided to undergo preventative double mastectomy because of her high risk for breast cancer. Which now leads me to bring the spotlight over to one of my readers/sponsors.

Meet Gayle...

Gayle had learned at the age of 29 that she too was at a high risk. Cancer was a word not unfamiliar to her family and this prompted her to get her preventative double mastectomy at such a young age. Gayle had also decided then to get reconstruction two months later. She wants to get her story out and share it with other women in hopes that it will light a candle to show them that although scary, it doesn't have to be.

Please, please, please head on over to her blog today and read about her story.