Friday Five: My lately's

My Friday Fives for this week are:

1. The Sacramento County Fair is here and I really want to take Michael. Hopefully I can convince Steve to go. Usually he's not into the whole fair thing.

2. This morning, I hopped into the driver seat and something stabbed me. Steve was placing Michael into his carseat so he saw when I jolted back up. Steve helps me out of the car and low and behold underneath the car seat cover--a razor blade. A rusty old Razor blade. It poked my right butt cheek. Although there is no "wound" or blood, I can feel it. My butt cheek is tender. Guess I have to keep an eye out for it.

3. At work, my boss and I are competing to see who sells the most lobby merchandise. Guess who is winning? Yes siree, I am.

4. If you haven't seen, my dog is currently Purple. 

5. We had an earthquake last  night in NorCal. Many of us felt it, and others didn't. 
To many people, it's somewhat of a joke since it wasn't that "high" on the scale for a freak-out.
This is what is circulating in our local Social Media.