Do you see it?! It's coming guys!!

Yesterday as I drove to pick up Steve from work I saw it. You can see little hints of Fall coming and this is really exciting. Fall is my favorite season. I'm sure it's many people's favorite season, why wouldn't it be? Fall means so much to me--it seriously does! It means another anniversary that we are blessed with (10 years together and 8 of those married!!), Halloween, my birthday, the start of the holidays, and best of all new trends for my little guy. I cannot wait for that.

Summer is fun. Yes it is, but I love dressing up Michael in jeans, hoodies, plaid shirts, long sleeves, etc. I only wish he kept his hats on. **shakes fist** I just love dressing him up in a semi-preppy look with a bit of hip-hop thrown in there. Some days we will do an all rocked out look with dark jeans, a band t-shirt, and converse! Again, I wish he would let me dress him up with a hat.

How cute are these boys?! Love it!

This is my absolute favorite look!! Maybe Michael can wear this look soon.

and since Michael is in a wedding come February...this will be him!!

and how cool is this kid?

and this kid?

 Definitely a look I'd want for my kid.

and there you have it folks. I can't wait for Fall and all of the wonderful changes (clothing wise especially) that it brings. I guess it's time to go shopping, eh?

Credit: All images are from both of these sites on Tumblr:  Swag-a-bye-baby and Children with Swag