Go over to A is Albuterol. Right now. Run!

Hey everyone! Head on over to "A is for Albuterol" right now. The wonderful Lindsay is posting around the clock (a post every 1/2 hour for 24 hours.) She's participating in this year's Blogathon to raise money to help Global Links provide nebulizers to the much needed.

Here's more on Global Links:

"Global Links is a medical relief and development organization with a motto that will haunt you: People in other countries are literally dying from what we throw away. Global Links provides those in need with medical surplus that we take for granted, from sutures to hospital beds to everything in between and everything above and beyond. One of their departments is a Nebulizer Campaign which puts nebulizers where they are needed the most. The chilling idea that some mothers have to carry their children as they struggle to breathe for miles -- days, even -- with only the hope that their child will both stay alive and find a shared nebulizer station is haunting. With asthma on the rise and becoming a worldwide epidemic, especially in less-developed countries where farming is on the rise, the need for nebulizers is higher than ever. No child should ever have to die because of the inability to breathe.

In the United States, used medial equipment like nebulizers are oftentimes thrown away immediately after use. They cannot be recycled and sit solely in landfills while children continue to die from easily treatable respiratory ailments. Global Links ensure that these nebulizers are instead donated to hospitals and clinics while they're needed. No mother should have to watch their child's life succumb to the inability to breathe."