Push! Push! Feel the burn!

Last weekend  we decided to officially start potty training. We tried the Three Day Potty Training since I had 4 days off in a row. The first day was a disaster. Seriously! Pee in every corner and my knees hurt from cleaning and scrubbing the floors. My right knee already feels arthritic on some days, but last weekend pushed my knees to different levels. Okay, so this post isn't about my already old knee but about potty training, lets get back to that.

Potty training at home has gotten somewhat lazy. The weekend started out all sorts of wrong and yucky, but by the end of the weekend it got better. He only had about an accident a day, which is good, right? I'm blaming the lazy potty training after that weekend due to my being too tired from work to just want to scrub pee all evening long. But since the weekend is here again, I will reinforce potty training again. Especially since we are getting help with potty training at my moms.

Michael seems to get the general idea that when he sits on his potty he must go. Great! But he still hasn't grasped the idea that when he has the urge that he needs to tell us so we can take him to the potty. That in itself is the hard part. Once he learns that when its time to go, we should be told asap so he can go IN the potty--and not when we take him during timed potty runs.

Any ideas? Help?