No good deed goes unpunished. Never again.

Ever try your hardest to be there for people only to have it bite you in the butt? I do and everytime I get bit in the butt, I want to just stop helping people. Seriously!

credit: Stephanie McMillan

On Friday I received a text message from my sister in law. She was hoping I could help her out and pick up her two little girls after work (my work.) Sure! Only thing was I needed carseats. She made arrangements with the day care and they would allow me to borrow two car seats. No problem. I arrive at said day care and let me tell you how hard it is to pile up three kids (mine was in the mix as well) and into three car seats. Never again. After the staff at the day care helped me buckle in the kids, I make my way home--with a crying one year old. My child decided to chime in and start wailing too. All of this after a long hard and hot day. Never again. 

Once at home, the 1 year old starts screaming at the top of her lungs. She was not happy. So I pick her up and start to try and soothe her. It worked and so I decide to sit down. She wails. Her diaper was dry and she did not want a drink like her sister and cousin (Michael.) I stand up and she stops crying. Okay, I can do this, right? A bright idea come to me and I decide to sit her on top of our wing back chair while I stand--you know, so I don't have to carry her and cheat a little bit. She wails. Never again.After about two hours of toddlers running around, spilling drinks, toys every where, babies wailing their ride come and picks them up. Finally! They go home and now my weekend can start.

Our weekend was mellow. It decided to rain our day to see the Chalk It Up Festival. We miss it every year and  today was no exception. The weather washed off all of the art work, so we decided to go to Hobby Lobby and Walmart. See, mellow.

Now today, back from my mellow weekend, I had to return the borrowed car seats before I started work at 9am. I left home at 8 am you guys. 8 AM!! Never again. Everyone and their mama decided to get stuck in traffic. First day of school traffic didn't help, plus "I'm just getting back from my Labor Day vacation" traffic. This was not fun. Again, Never again. I didn't make it to work until 10am. Luckily I have awesome and understanding bosses (and I kept texting them with statuses on my traffic delay.)

Never again.