I’m allergic to yard work.

Seriously! I can finally say, “I am not pulling the weeds out this weekend. I’m allergic.” 

I had an appointment earlier yesterday for allergies since they have been really bad for me. I was really hoping that my job wasn’t the culprit. For those of you who don’t know, I work as the front desk  for a local grooming salon in my city.  Since seasonal allergies were always a culprit I figured that it had gotten worse with pet dander from my job. A test was taken and it was determined that that was a lie. Ha! However, I am allergic to all grasses and weeds. There went my weekend job.

I was asked to undress the top half and wear a paper smock. Soon after, I was poked like 50 times on my back with all sorts of allergies. Within minutes, welts started to appear and my back felt like I had rolled around in an ant hill. I was told not to touch my back and to let it sit for twenty minutes. Those twenty minutes felt like an eternity! To top it off, my 3 year old toddler wasn’t being entertained by my iphone anymore. How fun! I did everything I could to entertain him and to keep my mind off my itchy back.  The clock finally beeped it’s twenty minutes and I was given a cream to relieve the itch. It felt like heaven!!

So there you go folks, I am officially allergic to yard work.