This weekend….

Was quite warm! It’s technically still Winter, but it felt like late Spring yesterday—low 80’s. It was nice, and since the sun was out shinning, we took advantage of it. We had received some tickets to the local zoo and have been itching to visit since we received said tickets. However, the weather has been weird with on and off rain (which I won’t complain since we need it) and now we have nice warmth and ran with it.  Our morning rituals were in full force (you know those dreaded morning chores of cleaning house and feeding the family) and we got ready to head out. I was so eager to leave the house that I didn’t even blow dry my hair (and let me tell you, my hair is not the “let it air dry” type. Frizz! ) or do much with it aside from a top knot and head band. Like I said, we wanted to enjoy the warm California sun.

We started our visit with the Reptile House where it’s hot and humid. We zig-zagged like crazy and showed Michael the big reptiles (boas and crocodiles.) We saw quite a few animals awake and walking around. From Flamingoes to Giraffes, to Lions and Tigers. Speaking of which, I remember taking Michael to his first visit to the zoo and taking a picture of him standing next to the Tiger. That was a treat!


Now that it has been a full 3 years since his first visit, each time 
we try and recreate that picture. Or try to anyways. Look at how small Michael was then! I miss him being that teeny weeny. Miss it….