From the moment it was "diagnosed," I have shared that my son has a speech delay. I hear kids his age talk in full sentences and sometimes I wonder, "Where did I go wrong?" I sometimes blame myself for this. Should I have read more stories to him? Should I have sung more to him? Was I not active enough with him? Every single question where I doubt myself as a mother comes through my head. Then there are moments where I listen carefully and see that he is still learning. I have to listen to him to see that he is truly trying his best. Like today, I caught him singing the theme song to "Spider-man" while brushing his teeth. As I heard him singing it, I ran to grab my phone and "tried" to capture whatever little bit I could of him singing. I just got the chorus, but at least he is trying. The other day, I head him sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from beginning to end. Hubster and I gasped! Yes, he is trying and even if he doesn't speak to us in full sentences yet, I know he will one day.