Weekends were made for fun.

Didn't 2013 just end and now we are entering Spring 2014? Time sure is going by rather quickly. So much so that birthdays are once again coming to a complete circle. Hubster already had his this past weekend and it was a blast! As usual, we did a PPV fight of one of the well known Boxers he loves and had dinner (made by his mom...tamales anyone?) Everyone came and had a blast. Yet again I forgot to snap some pictures. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Now the next birthday will be for the most beautiful little boy I know, and yes I am biased, my son Michael. He will be three in a matter of weeks and have yet to figure out what to do. I don't think we are doing anything big like a party or whatsoever, perhaps just take him out somewhere and have fun. We want to do something fun but small. See what my dilemma is?

A few weekends ago, we decided to take part of the special offer our local Children's Museum had. We basically paid for two tickets and one of us got in for free. It was a good deal for a good time (ha ha!) The museum had many areas for imagination play. One of the favorites (and we tried to steer clear from) was the train  table (he has one at home.) He did however love the art window. He loved painting the window and watching the Museum clerks hose it down. All I heard him say, "Wow! It's amazing!"  Fun I tell ya! Another area offered water play for the kids. There were sprinklers, hoses, toys, and tubes to let the water flow. It helped teaching Michael learn how water creates movement. This place is definitely one where I would recommend taking your child again. Definitely a repeat!