What have I been up to?

There are times after I am off work where I rush to my mom's to pick up Michael, and then I rush home in order to have dinner ready for when Steve gets home. Some times I plan it out so well that I can have it all be just ready for when he's walking through the door, other times I don't have that much time and a quick fixer upper is what I needed.Tonight was one of those nights, which is why I ran into my make-shift pantry and pulled out a box I had on my shelf for moments like this--Kraft Recipe Makers. FYI, by no means am I sponsored or whatever with Kraft, this is just me doing a "I ran out of time to whip something up, so I need something yummy and quick!" Which is where the Chicken Bruschetta came in to the rescue....

Credit: Me via Instagram

Aside from the delicious meal that we just had, potty training is the new theme in our house. How is it going? Not too well I might say. Michael will go potty if you sit him down long enough, but he just won't tell you when he needs to go--which is the frustrating part. Especially when you turn around for a second and then hear, "Fire!" coming from the living room. That's Michael yelling with excitement about how he is putting out imaginary fire with his fireman-pee-pee-hose. Maybe the whole cheerio method may work for this Fire Fighter wannabe. It doesn't hurt to try anything once as long as it works, right?

Since the weather around NorCal has been very warm and in the 70's, the trees and flowers seem to think that Spring has sprung early. Along with the nice weather, allergies have come to wreak havoc for everyone who suffers from it. Luckily we get a break come tomorrow. Rain! Rain has been something we have been lacking for quite some time and it's very much welcomed. Especially from me.