Busy bee + Gold Stars

Im at work and a wee bit sad. My co-workers are going to Disneyland via our job next month and I am not going. It's my decision not to go. I would love to go and CAN go but it doesn't make sense to me to be gone for almost a whole week (its mostly work related via trade shows and one day at Disneyland) and have to pay for a sitter when I am not getting paid. Know what I mean? Steve would be home and dropping Michael off at my mom's while he worked but that is a loss financially if I am not working to pay for a sitter. Being responsible sucks sometimes. Gotta do what you gotta do, right? I figure it's still early in the year and perhaps we can save up for a trip in the Fall when we both have time off from work. Maybe we can go on our own to Disneyland, right? I've been so busy lately when transitional stuff for Michael's speech therapy. I've had meetings with the School Board in order to get referrals to see the home school speech therapist. Then we have an evaluation this weekend for another speech evaluation on Saturday. It's all my planner is full of....speech appointments. But it's all worth it for my kidd-o and his well being. On a random and nerdy/dork/all me note: I reached thirty stars on my Starbucks Rewards.  When I reached "10 Stars until Gold" status, I freaked out! We usually don't get coffee unless we are out and about, but it's weekends only. But since I was THAT close, I made events/outings just so we can get one and get more stars. Now that I am of the Gold Status kind, I have "9 Stars until your Free Drink" since for every 12 you get 1 free.... I don't see this going well.