He-man and Elvis.

I've been hit. I was hit this week from last weeks terrible flu we all had at home and work. Yesterday was the worst of it and today is like nothing ever happen. Good! Which is all my excuse for not making a post last week. Anyhoo, we are getting ready to gear up for a wedding next month, all to which I am excited about. I get to see both of my boys in tuxes which is always swoon worthy if you ask me. Yes, Michael is in the wedding as well, he will be the ring barer.

During one of the days where we were all feeling somewhat alive and normal, we decided to get out of the house and do some thirfting, which is a hobby for us. We found a few treasures, but didn't buy anything really.

Yesterday during my lunch hour at work, I met up with Michael's speech therapist coordinator (whew!) who set up a meeting with our school districts education supervisor (why don't these people have shorter titles?!), who then will set up a meeting with the home school speech therapy counselor (see what I mean?) I then wait to be contacted by the "counselor" and set up an appointment for an evaluation for Michael. Once that is done and it is deemed that Michael still needs the sessions, he will be placed on top priority level (on top of the 4 year olds already on the list.) This one is hard for me to swallow since this is the start of Michael's academic life. For reals!! Follow my blog with Bloglovin