The Greatest Flash Back Friday Ever!!

Dear Michael,

Today is your third birthday. We are proud to call you our son, my little man. You stole our hearts from the moment that we saw that "Pregnant" sign on that pee stick. We knew you were going to change our lives for ever, and we were right. Life with you has been so much fun, and yet so frustrating--but I wouldn't change it for the world. Mr. Poodle-man, you are my one true love (and Daddy would agree.) Life is about to turn another chapter in our lives as we are to start the real and official pre-school this coming fall. You are now a big boy and you show us every day.

You are the greatest gift I have ever received, my son. Life has many adventures in store for us and we cannot wait to ride this spiral with you. I love you. We love you. Happy Birthday my Pappas.