Doggy Lottery.

Meet Lucy. Our new family member. We weren't quite looking for her, yet we weren't quite not looking for her. You know, “if it happens it happens” sort of thing. Every now and then I’d browse online and there were a few close calls, but they didn't quite fit. That’s because we were looking in all of the wrong ways---puppies. I love puppies (who doesn't!) but I wasn't ready to start training another member of our family when I’m still dealing with my own son’s potty training. But then I saw her at our local shelter and I knew it was different. 


Our shelter was joining in on the “Just One Day” event that was being held throughout the country. This event is a great one where shelters don’t euthanize any of their animals (unless deemed necessary) for the day. Not only did my shelter join in, they also had a deal on all adoptables—$11.00 dollars and that included everything! (spay, vaccines, a free well visit, and microchip.) This was awesome news.


I went over during my lunch hour to hopefully meet Lucy, and she was there! I was interviewed and was instantly approved. I mentioned having another dog and the shelter and I agreed to a Meet & Greet with Lucy and Jambi after I was off work. I was a nervous wreck hoping everything would work out with Jambi and Lucy. They hit it off! He even lets her lick his face (and he won’t let just anyone touch his face.) Doggy Lottery!!

Everyone loves her here. She is such a doll. I really did win the Doggy Lottery with her—she’s “everything” trained.