He's not so little anymore.

September came rather quickly this year and so did Michael's first day of preschool. I knew it was coming and all through the month of August I was filled with mixed feelings and questions. Will he like it? Will he hate it? Will he make friends? I'm excited and yet I am a bit nervous as how he would do. He's been in a similar setting at his back-up daycare (my mom is our primary day care) where they host morning preschool for kids his age...but this time it would be constant--a bit more serious. Like I said, mixed feelings and questions.

 The first week is over and so far so good. His teachers are absolutely amazing and are willing to work with you if you ever did need their support. He has 1 main preschool teacher and 3 teacher aids--all who are again fantastic! Especially since Michael is still having a tough time communicating when he needs to go potty. I've let them know that he will go if you guide him, but again, you have to guide him. This is the longest milestone we have ever dealt with, but we will get there.
I'm super excited over Halloween as this year as last year he got the whole Trick-or-treat idea. This year will be better with just the mere idea that he will have school as part of it. If everything is still the same, every student wears their costume and parades around the blacktop as the school's Halloween tradition (my brother's are alumni's.) This is so exciting.

This year has proven to be quite full of firsts and I love it!