Time sure is flying by quickly….

I just turned 30 yesterday. Was it memorable, not quite. However, I guess you can say that turning 30 or getting older isn’t always memorable. It’s just another notch on your belt, but I wish that the number doesn’t make me feel so old. I know people say “It’s just a number!” or “You don’t look a day past 25!”, but I don’t feel how I look. Granted, I’m glad I look so young and don’t look my age. That’s a gift in itself, but when I think of it, that’s when I get all down and think “Wow! Really?! I’m that old?”

Let’s get off the depressing page of getting older. We finally heard a heart beat last week. This is quite an exciting thing for us since we have gone about 17 weeks without hearing it. We’ve only seen it on screen flickering back at us, but was during week 8. Quite some time ago. Now you can officially say that I will be half way done come Saturday. Yep, I’ll be in my 5th month starting Saturday. That’s a feat in itself. I’m quite excited knowing that come Thanksgiving we will be able to find out what we are having. Not being able to know is driving me nuts! I keep referring to baby as “Hey you!” or “It”. I want to bond. No, wait, I need to bond. By knowing what we are having, it makes things that much more real to me. I don’t even feel pregnant. Every once in a while I feel a lil’ tap from Hey You or a fluttering sort of movement, but if weren’t for those, then I seriously wouldn’t think I was pregnant at all. So come on November 24th!! You aren’t that far away!