a few more puzzle pieces

Things are slowly starting to come together. I now have a color scheme, baby has quite a few outfits until we get more, we found our stroller, and even a swing. Hmm. Nice right? I'd say yes, unless we keep changing nursery themes. Ha ha! We went from a teal and light blue with splashes of orange to a nice woodland theme that's rather pleasant and neutral. Why? We discovered that after visiting our "new" home, that the walls are not orange, but a nice butter yellow. Ha! Huge difference, right? So that means new theme.

This is the theme we have chosen. It's going to look great!
Huge difference, right? Hopefully we can get all of the items we want from this set before baby boy gets here.
As for the stroller and car seat? Done. It's the Graco "Stylus" Travel System. It's way too cute. Which is great for both daddy and mommy, since it can go either or.

This is it.