I'm about to hit the point where I can say "OMGoodness!! I only have 8 weeks left!" That is, if I don't go beyond the 40 week mark, but that's beyond the point. My point is, that right now, my panicking about getting everything ready is about to set in. We are moving and I have a ton to do. We move this weekend and I have yet to do the nursery. I don't even think we will be able to finish the nursery on time since I have to unpack the whole house once we move. Luckily for me right now, all of our stuff is in storage, and  packing is practically done for now. All I would have to pack is our bedroom and clothes.I don't know if I'll be able to finish unpacking everything by the time baby comes, let alone by myself when Stevan is at work, but I guess I'm going to have to, right?

I'm at also at the point where I'm starting to wonder if I'll be able to handle everything on my own. Will I be a good mommy? Will I be able to distinguish the difference between a wet cry and a hungry cry? Can I soothe baby when he cries? What about bathing him? Most people would say, "Then why are you moving out of your parents' home?" Simple, we need the space, and have been offered a great deal on a house that we cannot by any means pass it up. There's a lot more to it, but many wouldn't understand. We need to be a family, and I know that I can't always rely on my parents to help me out--we need to do this on our own, or at least try to.

Life right now seems to be working out for us, although it's been giving us small bumps, but at least we are able to jump those hurdles at the moment. Hopefully we don't get bigger ones and are able to handle whatever life throws at us without any major obstacles. We need a break, and I hope this year and the next few years, we get that.

I guess it's time for new beginnings, new chapters, and a new way of life. I hope it's an amazing time!