Flakey Breasts.

Earlier this week, after a nice hot shower, I discovered that my breasts are flaking. This is a totally new pregnancy symptom. I can't really seem to find anything on Google (or my Google-fu is failing me) on what it may exactly be. Since I "discovered" this new change, I have been adding Palmer's Cocoa Butter "Tummy Butter" on the under side of my breasts. It's the only area with the flakiness. Figured, so far no stretch marks (+1 for me!) and it's keeping belly soft and moist, it may work. Here's to hoping. All I can think of is that perhaps my breasts are growing again and so the skin is tightening and stretching, thus the flakiness. I don't know, but I don't like the fact that there's dead skin cells on my bras when I take them off. Not a fun look. Ha ha!