As we all know, people are curious creatures. We are always asking questions, wanting to know more, even if it doesn't quite benefit us. We've all asked these questions from time to time, and even though they are expected, sometimes one gets baffled.

When you are a teenager, usually the questions you get are "How old are you?" "Are you dating anyone?" "Can you drive?" or even, "What college are you going to?" Then it stems off from there on the sort of questions you will get later on.

If you are dating someone, normally people ask "Is it serious?" If by any chance you answer this questions with a "Yes", you will get the following, "When are you two getting married?" One of the "eternal" and sometimes annoying question.

After said couple does decide to "jump the gun" or "tie the knot", then before the honeymoon stage is over, we all get the dreaded, "When will you have children?" or even "Are you guys trying to have children?" The questions never cease to stop. When we (and I mean my husband and I) were asked said questions we always answered with "If it happens it happens" in hopes that people would leave us alone. Did it happen, the question stopping, no, but us having children yes (well, in the process of it.)

Now that people have found out that we are expecting, the questions of "How far along are you?" and "When is your due date?" had commenced. Now by this time, I was quite ecstatic to answer, and I did. Then not long after that we got "Boy or Girl?", this one was a bit tricky since we didn't know yet--and ended up answering with "Don't know." It was an honest answer since we clearly didn't know. Soon after the gender was discovered, we began getting bombarded with "What names do you have?" or "I like this name, why don't you use it?" I never thought that picking a name would ever be so hard! Not only that, but when you come up with a name that you "may end up using" you more than likely get others suggesting names that they themselves liked. Granted, those names would be considered had they had any part of creating your unborn child--ha ha!

I'm sure that said questions won't ever stop. Especially since I can sense that the next set of questions are "Who will be the God-Parents?" I assure you people, we are thinking about these special people who we would love to have in our child's life to guide them through out his life. We ourselves are asking the necessary questions in order to come up with that answer for you. Questions such as "Who will love this child as if he were theirs?", "Who will help guide him become a great man both spiritually and emotionally?", and even "Who can we count on to help become the support system when we ourselves aren't enough?"

Don't think I am complaining about these questions. I can honestly say we aren't, however, I will say this:

These questions, whether welcomed or not, are what help us move on to the next step. So keep them coming, but be patient when we ourselves don't have the answer yet. Okay?