The Baby Shower

The baby shower came and went. We had a blast! The hostess, my cousin, turned it into a Rubber Ducky Theme which everyone loved! We had tamales and tostadas, and they both  were gone by the end of the night. We played various games, some of them were:

  • The "Waddle Game"--you place a potato between your knees and walk in a straight line to where a jar is located, on the floor, and the goal is to drop it in the jar.
  • The Price is Right-- same rules! Except the winner is determined by how close your total is to the actual total of the items shown.
  • The Baby Bottle Chug-- We had 6 couples play. Each couple had to bottle feed their partner, the couple who finished up first wins!
  • Binky spit-- Contestants had to spit out their binkies/pacifier the furthest in order to win.

Here's a small snippet of the baby shower. Keep in mind that this was at the very beginning and guests were just starting to arrive, and hungry too! ha!