Parties! Parties! Parties! Baby?

Tomorrow we are having some friends over: Country Fried Steak Night! They have been waiting for this for quite some time. Ha! I think it's about time that I make it for them. Don't want to make it too often or I'd spoil my friends. This sort of "dinner party" will be one of the last one's before baby boy makes his appearance, and that's fine. Before you know it, we will having more of these once again. I love having my friends over and just hanging out. I know life will change after he is here, I just hope it doesn't change too much. That's my biggest fear--losing my friends because we wanted to move forward. I hope that isn't the case for us.

Friday will be husband's birthday, and we are gathering at his mom's house for something simple. With everything going on and preparing for baby's arrival, I have completely forgotten to actually prepare for hubby's birthday. He said he would be glad to just have cake and his family all in one, so I'm going to try and do that--but with beer! So I'm hoping he has a great time on Friday.

Last "Hoorah" before baby get's here once again is next week on Saturday. "The World is Not Ready for Another Steve!" party is next Saturday and this is sort of like a Dad's shower. I feel horrible that I have been getting all of the attention, so he's getting something similar yet masculine with a bunch of his friends. He also claims it's somewhat of his "Dad/Birthday combo party", which is fine. It's his party, he can call it what he wants. I just hope he has loads of fun. That's all that matters.